Adult City League

The MHC is proud to have the largest hurling Clubs in the world and our backbone is our coveted Summer City League. We pride ourselves with raising an inclusive environment that guarantees ALL members at least 3 / 4 quarters of playing time in every match. Our Summer City league is a socially competitive atmosphere. We have a competitive format but cultivate a relaxing and social atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

With our unique team selection process we ensure teams are well balanced so that each match has equal talent on each side of the pitch. This allows skilled veterans to have a chance to duke it out against each other while rookies and younger players mark similar level players to keep a level competitiveness and encouraging growth.

Visiting the Pitch on a Match filled Sunday you will see 2 teams of 13-15 battling out on the field with a line of pop up canopies lining the field with the smell of BBQ and suds in the air. The tailgating atmosphere is real and present each week even on a cold rainy Irish day.


See some of the photos below and check out the side panel for the current league standings this year.