About the MHC

1996-2023: 27 Years and Counting!

Welcome to the Milwaukee Hurling Club!

The MHC is a club that educates individuals of all ages about the ancient Irish sport of hurling in an inclusive environment. We foster positive sportsmanship, which benefits our members socially, mentally, and physically. As the largest hurling club in America, the MHC fields co-ed adult and age based youth teams for our City League, and is primarily made up of players who are American-born and not native to the sport.

New Member Training

We love teaching new people about hurling!  A new adult player (16-60!) goes through our rookie camp, where we teach you all the skills of hurling.  This allows you to get up skilled in a low stress environment and get personal assistance along the way from our rookie instructors, who have an average of 15 years of experience behind them.

Once you’re ready, you’ll join the veterans at practice and prepare for you first season as a member of the MHC!


The MHC prides itself on developing homegrown players, and the sport as a whole in North America.   Our club is unique in our approach to making hurling as accessible and inclusive as possible:  Any member who signs up to play is guaranteed 3/4 playing time, regardless of skill, or game importance.

Our City League is 10 teams strong, and our youth are separated into 4 age divisions, where everyone plays every match.

Teams and Matches

In keeping with our ethos of equal opportunity for all players, we choose our City League teams differently than most other leagues.  All players are confidentially ranked by our captain/ trainers.  These ranks, along with positional information, are used to create equal team sets.  These sets are then further balanced if needed, voted on and used to create a new, equal playing field every year.  This not only gives each player a chance at a championship, but fosters new friendships and camaraderie each year.

Travelling Teams

Members who excel can also be selected to represent the MHC in our men’s and women’s travelling teams.  These teams play friendlies in our division (Heartland), and can also compete for the North American Championship!  To date, our squads have brought home 8 titles, 4 for the ladies and 4 for the men.  We’re looking forward to adding some additional ones this year in Boston!

8 National Championships