Annual Meeting

Winter may still be raging when we meet, but the official start to the 25th Anniversary season will be the Annual General Meeting & Board Elections. This year we will be gathering on Sunday, January 26th at O’Lydia’s Bar & Grill (11:00 am – 1:00 pm) in the upstairs room. Come out to hear updates on the state of the club and valuable information about the upcoming season.

-Board member 2019 season reports
-Special Financial Presentation (4-year lookback & 2020 Budget)
-MHC Board Elections (only 2019 members are eligible to vote)
-2020 Season Calendar & Event Preview
-25th Anniversary Launch

Board Elections Information:
Board positions are 2-year terms and board members must be a registered member of the MHC. The MHC rotates the board positions that are up for election in order to help maintain continuity in operation from year-to-year.

Last year the Operations (OC) and Financial Coordinators (FC) positions were up for re-election and were filled by Dave Olson and Tom Hereley. The MHC also had an open Special Projects Coordinator (SPC) position that was filled by Derek Keyeski, who has been producing video content for us all year.

This year the Administrative Coordinator (AC) and Personnel Coordinator (PC) positions are up for re-election. The AC role is currently being filled by Jason Kirkpatrick, who intends to run as an incumbent again this year. The PC role is currently being filled by Brian Christ, who also intends to run again as the incumbent PC.

However, MHC members and board members have the opportunity to nominate other club members, or themselves, to a board position by submitting nominations to the Board. According to the MHC By-Laws, you must be a paid member in the 2019 season in order to be eligible to nominate someone or accept the nomination for a 2020 board position. In order to be eligible for an Operations or Administrative Coordinator position, an MHC member will have to serve in an official capacity for the MHC for one full year.

Anyone interested in running for the AC or PC board spots should submit a letter of intent to run by Sunday, January 19th to The letter should explain why you would like to fill the position, along with any related experience that you may have which will help you in the position.

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